February Album Writing Month

Hey All!

I came upon this challenge last year when a good friend of mine and amazing musician James Hearne (who you must check out at http://jameshearne.com posted about it on all the pertinent social media. Apparently there is a collection of songwriters across the world that take up a challenge in February to write 14 songs in 28 days. While I may have been experiencing debilitating writer’s block over the last few months, I’m going at this with all I’ve got! I’m looking to complete this challenge (or come pretty damn close) this year!

I’ll be periodically updating my blog here on my website and sharing each post to Facebook using the hashtag #FAWM. I’ll also post some stuff on the Instagrams too so if you’re not following me on there yet, get to the bottom of this page and do it! If you want to really stay on top of it all, check out my FAWM site at http://fawm.org/fawmers/logancallahan/

I may be cheating a little bit as I got the basic structure of a song yesterday titled “The Real Thing” that touches on the confusing whirlwind that is the current political climate here in the United States. Look out for that one as the month goes on!



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